Healthy Nevada


Need a reason to get involved? We've got them.


Wellness initiatives have always been a priority for the Nevada School District. By providing more information, resources and access, healthy choices become second nature.
Expanding the initiative to partners in the community means more resources for children and their families through information and programs.Healthy kids bring home healthy habits to their families, do better in school and help make the community stronger.

Health Care Community
Federal regulations are constantly changing and requiring health care providers to provide more and more documentation and quality improvement. An electronic health record system can stay ahead of these requirements, essentially "future-proofing" community providers.
A coordinated and connected health care community will provide safer care to the community, and access to information will empower individuals to take control of their health and care.
Patients should be able to securely communicate with their providers without having to take time away from work and family. Providers should have immediate access to important information on their patients.

This is an opportunity to bring the community together, to make a positive change in people's lives and to improve health while lowering health care costs. It's also a way to create connectivity between neighborhoods and community entities like the school, employers and individuals.
Nevada can be the community everyone looks to as a successful model of health and care. We're challenging the status quo and will someday be the healthiest community in Missouri.

Health care costs are skyrocketing and Healthy Nevada can impact those costs by shifting the focus from "sick" care to health and prevention. We will find ways for healthy choices to become second nature by making small changes and providing more options.
Employees want to get healthier and want to lower the cost they pay for health care. Healthy Nevada will help provide access to the best health and care available and not allow insurance companies to dictate what should be done.