Healthy Nevada

Healthy Nevada Project

Mission: Engage individuals to make the most of life’s opportunities through well-being.

We are presented with numerous options and opportunities in life. From what you will be when you grow up, where you should live, to starting a family, decisions must be made. Regardless of what path you chose, your well-being was a factor in everything. Having a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy relationship creates overall well-being that enables you to make the most of your life. 

Overall, well-being means kids finish school, obtain a higher education, prosper into a strong workforce, and live in a community that’s getting ahead. Healthy Nevada can be there for your walk of life and help make the most of your opportunities through programming that empowers you to start being well today. With the help of Cerner Corp. and the people of Vernon County, we are on a mission to make the most of life’s opportunities.