Healthy Nevada


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Healthy Nevada?
Healthy Nevada is a public private partnership between Cerner and the community of Nevada. It is intended to create a culture of health that is focused on programs that improve the overall health of the community and ensure long-term economic and social sustainability.

How is the Healthy Nevada project being funded?
Investments in the Healthy Nevada project will be approximately over the next three to five years. This includes R&D investments, technology and infrastructure enhancements, personnel and other capital projects.

Why is Cerner making an investment in Healthy Nevada?
Cerner's culture is rooted in entrepreneurial advocacy and innovation. It has a history that spans three decades of innovating new ways of delivering health and care to positively impact outcomes ... both financially and clinically. In order to achieve systemic change in health care, each piece of the puzzle is important, possibly none greater than the challenges facing rural communities. Cerner is extremely passionate about finding ways to improve our health and care system, because ultimately health care is personal. Cerner's goal is to create a replicable model of rural health that other communities can adopt.

What components are going to be included in the Healthy Nevada project?
The Healthy Nevada project will include multiple initiatives that promote improvements in health and care. This could include health and wellness programs, partnerships with schools, employers, restaurants and city entities like the Parks and Recreation Department.

What is the expected outcome for the Healthy Nevada project?
The goal is to deploy and demonstrate a new model of health and care on an integrated platform that will reduce costs, improve outcomes and ultimately lead to a more productive and healthier community.

How did Cerner select Nevada to become the test partner for this project?
Cerner conducted a series of interviews and site visits with multiple communities in Missouri. Based on community leadership and infrastructure, health status indicators and input from a variety of experts, Cerner selected Nevada to become the pilot site for this project.